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Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. and amid all that the general's plan was damaged by taliban militants who fired rockets at it while parked at bagram airfield in afghanistan. dempsey was unharmed and away from his plane at the time. general dempsey is a 1974 graduate of west point. he and his wife who were high school sweethearts have three children who have all served in the united states army and seven grandchildren. the chairman is also itself describes a notch or irish pub kind of guy who loves to sing at official functions. among his hits all available on youtube are christmas in colonie, the sesame street theme, and despite being from new jersey, new york new york. it is my pleasure to welcome general martin dempsey, the melodious chairman of the joint chiefs of staff or go up co. >> well i did hear you get a little roughed up when you come to these events. although i will say the last time i was in this room i was actually surrounded by the muppets. [laughter] thanks, theresa. there is a tradition in the calvary cord, i am a cavalryman by background and a calvary man at heart, that we call this for right. in the ea
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
their lives like the 14 year-old girl. [applause] i cannot get over it. shot in ahead by the taliban extremist on her way home from school. because she stood up to the taliban when they took over and ordered all girls' schools to be closed down. she revealed that this was like her writings with life under the brutal control that education end would prevail. we cannot let her or her courageous action be forgot 10. or those in afghanistan to face threats from the taliban as they go to school. the combined forces of the eight year-old organization dedicated to a dancing rates around the world. learning high school and medical students learn about human rights with schools and communities to ensure every girl has access to quality education. to insure grows are seen and heard, today with the international partners calls school assemblies, even a flash mobs that grand central station for challenges girls face around the world. and said teacher advisers are here. please stand up where you are sitting. from thomas jefferson high school for science and technology. >> georgetown day school school, albe
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
so forcefully and early on. >> in pakistan in 2002, the pro-taliban parties controlled two out of four of pakistan's provinces, and in 2008, they got 2% of the vote losing control, and they lost control because they had not delivered. how would you see the fortunes? you sort of addressed that in the opening remarks, but is it too large a movement to make a general prediction of them? they obviously got 25% of the vote implying they are doing well in lots of parts of egypt. how would you assess their political prospects or too early to tell? >> it is too early to tell. we don't know what's happening with the parliament right now. they can say, well, we didn't get ministries or give us any power. with that said, what can they deliver? i mean, they're not going to be able to reform egyptian society. the things they want, the things they want to put in the constitution are just shocking that you can't -- you can't have any type of insulting to anything that has to do with religion in the country or whatnot. the structures they want to impose in society that people are not really go
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3